Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its All About Lorna

The Irish Examiner is to be commended on keeping the spotlight on the threat to cut services to people with disabilities, their front page plus an additional 4 pages of coverage gives space to people with disability and their loved ones to tell their stories in their own words.

A young teenager writes a searingly honest account of family life as a teenager whose sibling has special needs, its all about Lorna is a very brave act of advocacy by a young man, mature beyond his years and with more courage and kindness than many of those in paid positions in the public service whose decisions change the course of life for Stephen, his sister and his entire family.

What is striking about the stories in the examiner today is that so little has changed over so many decades, it is a journey of despair to read the tales of parents fighting for services from the 1960's and to see that thread take us to 2010 when our government and civil service continue to cut services, disrespect the humanity and dignity of people with disabilities and lets be honest not give a damn about the consequences of their decisions.

I wish that I could have hope that Stephen and Lorna are facing a better future where support is not a dirty word or a lavish extra that is seen to be beyond our means, but there is no silver lining on this cloud which has loomed over the disability community since the foundation of the state...the message from official Ireland is loud and clear....Lorna Who?

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